Monday, August 3, 2015

Bucket's List

So here we go. I've been putting this on for awhile now. But this time I want to put it in action. I found that when you have a goal in life, you wouldn't want to ditch that goal over something petty in life. I want to make my life meaningful. I want to base my life by paving my road to my goals. I want to feel satisfied when one of my goals is accomplished.

           So, here we go.

My Bucket's List

1. Touching real snow with my bare hands.
2. Travel to Britain. (Especially the countryside)
3. Own my own library. (With thousands of my favourite books)
4. Write a book and get it published.
5. Play Skyrim. (Okay, I really want to play this game so much!)

          That is all that I can think at the moment. I don't think the list will change anytime sooner. So, there you go. Will talk more later.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reminder to oneself

Never be a grudgeful person, Lee. It's not good for you. I know things are tough but see it in a different perspective will you. Things are going to be good. Just trust in yourself. Just never gives up, no matter how hard the circumstance are. You'll get through it. It's all the part of growing up. In order to grow up, you need to go through stuffs like this.


I am thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home today. I feel like it is the perfect time to end it. In fact, I can almost grasp at the idea. It is like something special because to be honest, I am tired. Whenever I said I'm not, it's a lie. An utter bullshit. A secret that I want to hide.
         My body is trembling with adrenaline because I really want this kind of ending for me. I can already taste it in my mouth. I want to end it. Now. After I get home from here.

         Will I have the bravery though?

         I don't think anyone would miss me. Of course, they would be sad, but that would only be temporary. Then, they'll move on. I hope it will be a lesson to them though. Be more sensitive to what others are feeling. Be supportive. Never let someone you love lowers themselves too low that they start to hate themselves. It helps even if you give them a little bit more attention. It'll help a lot.

        I'm so tired. So freaking tired. I need someone who isn't even there to help me out. Someone. Anyone.