Monday, January 25, 2016

First Post of 2016

Hey there guys. I just got back from roaming the internet and I found myself here back. I got tons of stuff to say but I don't think I have the patience to write it all down but maybe someday I will.

Anyhow, anywho, it has been 16 days since my birthday. Happy 20th to me ! Haha. Never would I imagine that I would last this long.

Another addition in my life is that I am currently in a GOP programme and let me tell you that it is so tough to do this. I thought I would only handle the GOP but it turns out that we had to handle another 2 more large scale event. I don't know how this thing going to happen as I am still shock by the sudden responsibility on my shoulder.

Anyway, that is all I can share. I have to sleep now. Don't want to get another migraine tomorrow morning. Goodnight guys. Sleep tight.

From KL with love,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The One I Love & The One I Don't Want To Let Go

Hey there guys.

           I know that it has been quite a time since I last posted in here. These days, I’ve been in war with myself. I don’t get it. I was trying as hard as I could. But I couldn’t keep on this fa├žade anymore. One day or any day, I know that this mask will break and by that time, everything will reveal itself… and I will be the most hideous person of all. They will hate me. They will pity me. And I can’t accept that.

            Sometimes I feel as if I’m drowning and there’s nothing I could do. My soul is tearing up to two parts. The one that I love and the one that I don’t want to let go. The latter was a part me since forever. It has helped me when I needed it. It made me happy but it was not right for me. How can I have both of them without it destroying me in the process? I’m already at my wits end here. I want to keep both of them but I can’t. I have to choose and unfortunately the one I don’t want to let go, I have to let go eventually though it will break my heart so much. 

            Sorry for being so cryptic here but it is the struggle that I’m facing currently. I don’t want to let go. That is all for today post. I will update later more about my life now. Farewell now, guys.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Story of My Life Now

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning guys.

        How long has it been now? Three months since my last post? I don't know why but suddenly I have the urge to put an update about my current life now. So, since the last three months, a lot of things have happened. Now, I am currently a university student, pursuing my studies in chemical engineeering in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Not what I imagined my life would turn out to be. So far, things have been hectic. I've never thought the life of a chemical engineering student would be like this. It was pure hell, I tell you. No one ever mention that my life would turn out like this. However, it was my decision that had led me into this famous university.

Sometimes I want to quit so bad but I can't. My parents have invested so much in me. I can't let them down. That is all that hold me together right now. I have to be strong not just for myself but for them. I think that is all I could talk for today. I need to do my reflection journal, an assignment. See you later, dear reader. Talk to you soon.