Thursday, October 1, 2015

Refl. Journ. 2

And here we go again. Hey there, we meet again in our second reflection journal. I have no idea what happened to my other reflection journal. It's so mysterious how things work in UTM.

            Let's continue on the real stuff then. The first class we had of seminar, we had it on Sunday. We had to replace the class on that day because on the upcoming Wednesday would be the Eid. On our first seminar of the two weeks period, we were introduced to three experienced engineers for sharing session. The first speaker was Ir. Khairul Annular Sulaiman, a preservation engineer from Sabah Shell Petroleum Company. From his talk, we were introduced to the 'Engineering Overview' topic. He touched the subject of definition, basic roles, branches of engineering and how to be a professional engineer. Besides that, he also mentioned about the roles of BEM & IEM. During this talk, I was being bombarded by many questions such as was I made the right decision by furthering my studies in chemical engineering, or will I even get a job later. It was very disconcerting to be put in that situation in a hall full of guys that really had set their mind into that direction than me, who still stumbling upon my path on my way up there. I found out that I was mentally unprepared for the life outside this university. Listening to their life experience, which outgrew mine by a million miles, I found out that I had bring nothing to the table. Through this, again, I found that I have to quickly adapt to the new life here but in the same time preparing for my working life out there in the matter of four years time, InsyaAllah. As one of the speakers had said, the years we had in here, UTM I mean, would be a very short time once you get the hang of things here. So, I have to try my best here and destroy all the initial doubt I had from the beginning of the seminar and become the best of the best.

          The next speaker was my favourite speaker of all. A female engineer, Mrs. Noor Aisah Tawab, a civil engineer who's now a director of operations of Women and Children hospital Project in Konsortium ProHAWK Sdn. Bhd. In Kuala Lumpur. As we all know, female engineers are an endangered species in Malaysia, so the fact that the seminar had invited one and I got to meet a real life female engineer face-to-face was an experience that I held cherished to myself. While the first speaker kind of pulled me back to Earth and made me realized the reality of my situation, the second speaker, Mrs Aisah motivated me to be a better engineer. She made me realized that anything is possible with just great determination and focused hardwork. She proved us, to me especially that you can be a good mother, a loyal wife, a dutiful daughter and yet in the same time be a dedicated engineer without one overweighing the others. She talked about lots of things, things that I paid a lot of attention to. From her talk on the role of engineers in nation building and what it takes to be a successful engineer, I found that I need to have the sheer determination to help our country and never ever take things for granted and fight all out.

            The third and final speaker of the day was the most unforgettable one for me. Mr. Mohd Shahriwan Idris is a Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality (HSSEQ) Manager in Langsat Terminal (One) Sdn. Bhd. For his part, he mostly mentioned about the risk of being hurt at work and the rules and regulation of a safe working environment. In some of his slides, there were some graphic images of some gory accident that might have happened while you were working. So, during his talk, I felt so horrified and a little bit paranoid because I ever even think about what kind of bad things could have happened to us.However he had assured us that as long as you follow the rules set by the safety and health's department, there would not be any problem. From his talk, I found out that you should always making sure that your working environment is safe and that your action cannot leads you to an accident, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

           Next class of seminar touched the topic on how to utilize Microsoft Excel and how to produce a good presentation. I have little experience using Microsoft Excel as my school or matriculation curriculum had not emphasized on this part very much, so it kind of took me some time to adjust myself to the program. The process to get to know the program was a bit irritating and it took me quite sometimes to get the answer that they want. So, yeah. However after I had adjusted myself to the Excel, I found that the program had made the calculation of many data can be easily calculated by just simply entering a few codes. Surely it would be very useful for us in our career later as we would be dealing with numbers and calculation. Besides that, we can also plotted graph in Excel, something that I have no idea about. This part would be extremely useful in mathematics part. The second session of the seminar introduced us to a better way to put up your presentation. Though of the things shown in the slides I have known (due to the many presentation I had done in the past), there were actually some points I found that you should never do during the presentation such as never overdo on the animation part of the slides. It was something that I have done in the past because I thought it would be interesting and won't be distracting or misleading. So, I have learned from my lesson there. At the end of the seminar, I found things that I never knew before. So it teaches that no matter how much you have found out in life, there's always more knowledge behinds it.

          So, let's move on to our Introduction to Engineering (ITE) class. In these last a couple of weeks, we only have two ITE classes when we were supposed to have four of them. The first one was on Eid, so we were all going home on that day. The second cancelled ITE class was a last minute cancellation due to the worsen haze condition. So, it's actually easier this time for me to write the reflection journal.

           Okay, so, for the first ITE class in this two-week period of time, we did the 'Engineering Overview' presentation. It was the moment where our team dreaded since we did not ace our presentation last time. But thankfully, we did ace our presentation this time and nailed it in less than 7 minutes (learned from our last lesson). We prepared our heart out that day because we did not want the past to make a second experience on that day. From this, I learned that we need to give our full preparation during whatever presentation that we need to do and become proud of our work, as my teammates and I did on that day because we had tried our best on that day and I felt very satisfied and happy of our work.

            The second and final class of ITE in our two weeks period, introduced us to the CPBL learning and our next and new assignment. Hahaha. Our next assignment was big. It intimidated me so much. I don't know whether I can do it or not but hopefully I can. Anyway, back to the real topic, in our second ITE class, we were taught how to extract the problem out of the situation given and did problem restatement and problem identification on the 'Mosquito problem' example. Through this, I learned the learning and thinking process on how to deal with problem and it begins with problem restatement and problem identification. Dr Zaki had explained to us that the skills that we gain from this CPBL learning would be very helpful for us in our career as we won't know what our potential employer would demand out of us. So, from this class, I gain the initial knowledge on how to become a good problem solver through CPBL.

           That is all from me for this week reflection journal. We will meet again for the next two week session. Goodbye.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Reflection Journal

Assalamua'laikum and good day. This is officially my first reflection journal. I would like to consider this task as something that can actually teach me about myself other than as an every two-week assignment from my lecturers.

          So, let's begin. It begin on the ominous day of September first. It was the day when I was officially became a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia's student. I came to UTM with a heavy heart since I've never been lived far away from my home. My matriculation college was like 10 minutes drive from my house. So, it was somehow a real experience away from my home.

           My first class of Introduction to Engineering (ITE) was a bit intimidating. I had no idea to expect since the subject is a foreign subject for me. I was a bit scared of the possibility of the chances that I might not be able to carry on with the subject. It was actually a risk for me to continue my studies in UTM since my parents wanted me to continue my study elsewhere. But I took a blind shot and the risk to study here. The first class of ITE, I met one of the lecturers of the class, Dr. Zaki Yamani, who was nice. But, the class still intimidated for me. The first class was more about ice-breaking session and getting to get yourself ready for oncoming assignment s. From the first class, I found out about my learning styles which are I'm a visual learner, reflective learner, sensing learner and a global learner. I found the whole thing so interesting because I had never put on a label on how I studied before. The article Dr. Zaki gave us was also very helpful to me. Other than the learning styles, he also gave us exposure on our syllabus and why to expect later on which I gratefully want to express my joy to announce that this subject has no final exam. However, it comprised a lot of presentations and project-based evaluations. That kind of put another type of weight on top of my shoulder. Through this experience, I found that I would deal the whole new enviroment stuff much easier if I prepare myself better. After I walked out of the class, I had the feeling of being more responsible. The only reasonable thing I could do right now is adapt quickly with the new environment.

          Move on to my first seminar class, it was a three-hour seminar. Learned from lesson from my first ITE class, I prepared beforehand. I bought tons of sweets to endure the three hours class. I'm the type of person that easily dozed off at long hours class. The first seminar discussed about the semester system, program curriculum, syllabus overview, expectation and the OBE system by the academic office.From this talk I found out the importance of keeping a good CGPA in the first semester because it is almost guaranteed that our pointer will drop on the second and so forth semester. The next talk was about this very journal I'm writing right now. I didn't know how to describe my feeling at the moment. At first, I didn't know how writing these thoughts can actually help me in my studies but after a couple of days, I realized that I needed to put these thoughts out there since as the numbers of days added up, I kept feeling really tense as the number of assignments and tutorials keep adding up. I found out that I needed that place to channel out all of my angst. So, this reflection journal became that place.

          Onto my second ITE class, Dr Zaki gave us our first assignment. It called Engineering Overview. I was assigned to a group which consisted of Akram, Thiynes and Gee. The group assignment scared me as well but I was determined to do my best at that time. There is no time to be scared here, I need to grab as many opportunities as I can. Through this, I found out that I still have doubt about my own confidence which I didn't have any issue on when I was in matriculation or in school. From this, I found that I need to more brave and mature in what I deal with stuffs that being thrown at me.

          My third ITE class began with the pleasant surprise of Dr. Siti Hajjar waiting for us. In the first class of ITE, she was absent for some reason. I finally got to meet her. Anyway, the second class didn't go very well for my group. We had to present to the class our group's name, the logo, motto and the rules within our group. Unfortunately, our group exceeded the three-minute time frame that the lecturers had given us. That little incident kind of put a damp to my mood and I felt as if I had let down my own team. As a result, my other team member also felt down. I tried to cheer her up as she said that she had never felt things like that. But she said that she had to deal with it herself. So, there you go. From that other incident, I found that you cannot force other what they should feel. You have to leave them off about the subject and let then mull about it themselves. Besides that, I also have to really understand that things can never always go your way no matter how much you plan it to go the way you like. Unexpected things happen. Sometimes you blab about nonsense and that steal time. So, I have to more prepare next time and expect the unexpected.

              My next seminar class discussed about UTM's library system which I totally needed information's about. I'd entered the library a week ago and I struggled to understand how the system works as I almost lost my mind trying to understand how the books were organised. From this talk, I found out an easier way to browse the books without going to the library itself. Other than that, the online library system or LESTARI also allowed us to know the position of the book in the library beforehand so that we won't encounter any difficulties when we were going to find them. I think this the best part of the talk although at first I was a bit confused on how to use the page. After that, Dr. Azizul Azri, our main lecturer in the seminar, explained about how to use the search engine 'Google' to search efficiently online. Initially I thought the talk would be very boring since they will be talking about Google, something that is so common in the life of a teenager. But I was so wrong. The thing is, I should've not assume things beforehand.
             My fourth and final class of the two weeks time period was about the final preparation for the Engineering Overview in ITE class. We were being consulted by Dr Siti Hajjar about what we should do on the next Tuesday. At that moment, our group was still a bit messy but later on we managed to get everything on the line and things ran smoothly. Actually, from this assignment, it was at first a bothersome since I'd spent a lot of time in completing it that I ignored my other works, but at the final stages of the project, I realize that it taught me a lot about time management and priority. Obviously I wasn't good at the time management since I've been buried with a lot and lots of tutorials and assignments now.

            That is all for today. I'll write another reflection journal in the matter of two weeks. See you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


1. Can you please talk a little bit about yourself?
2. In your opinion, what is engineering? What does an engineer basically do?

3. What do you think are the factors that can make us students to be a successful engineer?

4. From your point of view,  do you think that soft skills is important in the engineering field? And how can we hone and improve our soft skills?

5. In order to be a successful engineer, what type of preparation should be made before and after graduating?

6. Is possessing only academic excellence adequate to be a successful engineer? If not, what are the other requirement?

7. Can you please us a little bit about your job and interview for your job?

8. Can you please share about your working experience in your current company?