Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Hey peeps. So, in just about two hours, the year of 2014 will end. Oh, how bittersweet the year had been. I have gained so many experiences as the year passed by. It is unforgettable and memorable in the same time. I hold very dear of this year much more than my years all together. I am proud of myself with what had happened this year. I proved to myself that I was strong enough to face it. I am so proud of myself.

        It is my new year resolution that I want to get excellent result for my second semester and enter one of the five top-leading universities in Malaysia. Though I have to admit that I can't wait any longer for him. I want to find him. Please come and get me. I am so slowly losing hope right now. I want you, to be here with me. Truly be with me. Please come for me.

         A year ago, I was so in a different world than I am now. I have no idea how a hundred and eighty my life will turn around. I love my current life so much but it will all be nothing without him. I have never felt this intensity to find love so much in my entire life. Maybe it's the teenage hormone or all the romance novels I burried myself into, but I think I am ready for that epic journey of mine. I want to taste that happiness. The feeling of being complete. Because right now, I am so far from being completed. I desire that emotion. An emotion that is so alien to me. I crave it.

       That is all from me. Happy new year, guy! May year 2015 brings so much happiness and joy for all of you. We'll see again in my next post. So long, my dear readers.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Quick Post

Hey there. I'm back with a quick post. Actually, I am at home right now, enjoying my two days break away from matric. Urghh, life in matric for second sem is tough. There's so many things to memorize for this second sem. Especially in biology. Hell, we've learnt about all the kingdoms in Plantae and Animalia, if you want to know. Just recently I found out that sea sponge actually doesn't look like bubbles (or real sponge like that famous yellow creature who lives in a pineapple right under the sea). In fact, the real sea sponge actually looks like coral reef.

         Oh, and I also found out that phyla Porifera and Echinodermata are besties!!!

         By the way, my roommate, Shie is going to leave matric next month. She just can't adapt to the life any longer. She cried a lot after we got our result for our first sem. At first, it was tough to swallow that fact, but later I just felt pity. I think her future isn't going to be at matric. Anyway, good luck to you, Shie!

         Oh and, I really need to inform this little tidbits to you guys. I GOT 4 FLAT FOR MY FIRST SEM!!! Yay me! I screamed all the way home when I checked the result online. God, I cannot even believe myself. That two weeks of exam last month was hell on Earth! I don't want to study last minute again. It was a torture to my own body. It can't stand another two weeks of that pain anymore!! It was just pure, pure, pure torture!

         Besides that, I also need to inform you that it is less than two months away from FSoG!!! God, I cannot wait to meet you, CG. I truly, truly do. Gahhh, time, please, please pass quickly! I wanna see my kinky domineering gazillionaire, the Grey!

        Okay, what else? Hmm... This sem, all my lecturers are the best! Not one have irked me (yet). Oh and, I have a crush. He's in my matric, He's an Indian but he freaking looks like Lee Dong Wook. Dear honeybee, just imagine Lee Dong Wook with a darker skin, and that boy would looks like Mohendran. I'm so~ in crush with his looks. But, unfortunately, he has a girlfriend, so that's a no-no for me. *sigh* When will I find my one? The one. I wonder if he exists, does he sometimes wondering about me like I do about him? About that day when we'll meet? And fall with each other.

        *sigh* Clearly, I've read too many romance novels.

         Okay, that is all for now. Gotta go. Thank you for being here. And to you (my future husband), I'm waiting for you. I'm ready.

Lotsa Love To Give,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stepping Into Second Semester of Matriculation Program

It's official people. Tomorrow I will face my second semester in Matriculation program. Damn, time moves so fast.

       I've done packing my things. Hell, for these last two weeks, I actually live through my suitcase. I didn't remove them from my bag at all. *sigh* This is my life as a matriculation student.

        What else can I say about my miserable life now? Hurmm... First, I think my first semester went well, with a few minor hustles and one major incident which is so embarrassing that I don't even want to talk about it here. Other than that though, I hope this semester, my practicum won't be assigned by the same lecturers (other than my tutorial math lecturer who is a superb woman by the way and my tutorial chemistry lecturer who is a very kind and patient woman). Other than these two individuals, I want all of them change! Especially my physic laboratory lecturer who really embodies the spirit of Hitler. I just can't stand him. No no no.

        Anyhoo, that is all I could say for now since I have to leave and who knows when you'll hear something from me again. We'll see. On this chance, I just have to say, hope and pray for my best. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me.

         It's time for me to get back to reality and honestly, I hope this time reality embraces me with warmth. Until next time people. Bye.

Grateful for all I have,